One of the most talked-about movies of the year, The Green Lantern, starring the dapper Ryan Reynolds as superhero Hal Jordan, will hit theaters on Friday, finally putting to rest all the hype and speculation surrounding the Martin Campbell-directed (of Casino Royale and Golden Eye) film.

Many rumors have already been confirmed by the ubiquitous trailer, like how the CGI will come across and how Reynolds' other-worldly suit will look. Of course, Reynolds did not actually wear a glowing green suit while shooting the film. "The suit that Ryan wears on set is a grey tracking motion/performance capture suit with LED lights …. That's right — Green Lantern's suit will be mostly CGI," reported SlashFilm. "This was a chance for [costume designer Ngila Dickson] to do something different. You also have to consider that Hal changes into the suit multiple times in mid scene, and the cg also allows him to do this."

One thing is for certain, though. CGI or not, Reynolds sports a nice six-pack in the movie, despite the best efforts of costar Blake Lively to sabotage him. "I would cook for the entire crew and I would try to lure him into eating some of the treats," the actress, whose second passion is cooking, told UsWeekly. "Cupcake lollipops, fresh, candies, homemade caramel and marshmallows covered in chocolate — stuff like that."

Other spoilers bouncing around out there include a possible surprise appearance by another legendary superhero, and of course, the possibility of a sequel, for which Lively, for one, would be on board. In fact, she's already afraid of the retaliation she might receive from Reynolds the second time around. "He is going to sabotage me! He is going to spike my drink with cupcakes," she said.


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