The days are counting down to the series finale of the formidably successfully and critically acclaimed Rescue Me on FX, and the show is going out with a bang.

In the Shakespearean tradition of ending comedies with a wedding and tragedies with a death, it appears that Rescue Me, neither tragedy nor comedy through-and-through, will do both. In Wednesday night's penultimate episode to the final goodbye, Denis Leary's Tommy Gavin ushered — or tried to usher — his daughter, Colleen (Natalie Distler), down the aisle at her wedding.

The wedding was filled with about as many blunders, drunkards, and risque one-liners as anyone could expect to see at an actual wedding, but, not surprisingly, it was all leading up to the moment of truth. Or, at least the moment of thrililng suspense that keeps us waiting for next week. That came when a massive explosion blew the roof of the burning building that Tommy and his firefighting cronies were in. Tommy and his friend Lou shared a knowing glance, and then BOOM!. Cue credits.

Speculation about who will be injured — or killed — is circulating online. With the season finale upon us, all bets are off. They can do whatever they want; they've got only their reputation to lose.

Watch a promo of the series finale, airing on FX September 7, here:

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