If you're one of the Parks and Recreation fans out there who thinks that Ron Swanson, played by Nick Offerman, could use a little bit of affection from a woman not named Tammy, it looks like you might just be in luck, as Lucy Lawless will be coming on board the NBC program for multiple episodes as Diane Lewis, a love interest for the hapless Ron.

Diane's character keeps calling the new community hotline that the Parks Department installs in the new season of Parks and Recreation, reports Entertainment Weekly. "Diane is ringing up about a pothole in her driveway, and Ron finally takes it upon himself to go and fix the hole because of course he's such a man, he can fix anything," Lawless explains of how their characters meet.

Lawless was actually approached previously to play one of the Tammys — roles later filled by Megan Mullally and Patricia Clarkson — but had a conflict overseas filming Spartacus. Besides, the new incarnation of Ron's ladylove is too good to be true, as she has two young daughters who like to dress up and put on make-up. "You want to see Ron in terrible pain, and this is it," revealed Lawless.

While season five of Parks and Recreation premiered last Thursday on NBC, you can catch Lawless debut in the October 4 installment of the show, entitled, "How a Bill Becomes A Law."

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