A solid 6.6 million viewers tuned in Sunday night to watch the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, AMC's highly rated zombie apocalypse TV show. So, what did you miss if you were still deep in the trenches of post-Thanksgiving food coma? The answer to that question is: A lot! Especially if you went to the bathroom and missed the emotionally jarring and climactic last five minutes.

Having camped out for a hard-to-determine length of time on Hershel's farm, the entire group of still-alives learns that zombie barns is full of, yup, zombies, which triggers a debate about whether they should be killed (re-killed?) or if the violence should stop while there's still some shred of human dignity left.

Shred of human dignity? Fuh-get about it. Shane goes nuts, hands out guns to all the still-alives, and — much to Hershel's dismay — unlocks zombie barn. One by one the creatures exit and receive fatal gunshots to the head. All seems dead and done until one final zombie comes stumbling out of the barn. It's …

Sophia! Or whatever you want to call the rotting, drooling, grunting carcass that's left of her. Suddenly no one wants to shoot anymore. Leave it to Sheriff Rick (Andrew Lincoln) to do the right thing and put Zombie Sophia out of her (its?) misery. Poor Carol! Poor Hershel! Poor Rick! Poor Sophia! Poor still-alives in this cruel, zombie-infested world!


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