For the past 14 years, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has been entertaining and scandalizing gamers on a regular basis, in all its various iterations and locations.

The award-winning video game series hasn't released a new installment since 2008's intensely popular Grand Theft Auto IV, set in the fictional Liberty City (a version of New York), until development company Rockstar Games released the trailer for Grand Theft Auto V on Wednesday.

Speculation is rife about what the new trailer reveals and how the fifth GTA will compare to its predecessors. One thing appears obvious: the new installment will return to the fictional Los Angeles-inspired city, Los Santos, based on a lot of the sub-tropical visuals that are paired with a grimy, gritty urban landscape.

Rumors surrounding the game suggest that "the game's narrative will feature multiple playable characters," but the single narrative of a shadowy character in the trailer indicates that there may still be one main guy with one central storyline, according to

In previous installments, such stars as Michael Madsen, Ray Liotta, Burt Reynolds, Dennis Hopper, Gary Busey, Samuel L. Jackson, James Woods, Jenna Jameson, and Kyle MacLachlan have lent their voices to major GTA characters.

Watch the trailer here:

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