Fans following Cougar Town to TBS will be very interested to see how things pan out after the season finale, which gave off whiffs of a touched-up series finale, according to First, there was the plot to end all plots, with Jules (Courteney Cox) and Grayson (Josh Hopkins) getting married. And there was that sense of resignation between Laurie (Busy Phillips) and Travis (Dan Byrd), who might be better off staying friends. (Kidding.)

Series co-creator Bill Lawrence, however, insists Cougar Town has plenty of places to go. “We thought it was a season finale and when the show wasn’t doing great, we realized it could be the series finale if it had to be," he said. "And we were like thank goodness! But we never planned it that way.”

OK, enough of that. More on the question burning on all our minds: Will Laurie and Travis ever get together? "The writer’s room is split. The actors are split. The only real decision we made was that we weren’t going to do anything yet," Lawrence said. "To tell you the truth, what we wanted to do was use the fact that ABC didn’t air us for a year and a half to say that Travis is 21 and allowed to drink and then do this episode and gauge by fan reaction whether that’s something in our immediate future, near future or never. Unfortunately, when we put the question out there on Twitter, I’d say a third say ‘Never,’ a third say ‘You have to do it right away or I’ll never watch again, and another third say ‘Don’t do it now. Do it if the show goes on for a couple of years.’ So I’ve still figured nothing out. Hopefully it won’t come off as a stall. You don’t want to torture people. You don’t want to do it too often.”

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