History buffs and fans of the 16th U.S. president probably ought to keep away from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. The film, directed by Timur Bekmambetov and based on the 2010 Seth Grahame-Smith novel, places more emphasis on action movie fight sequences than it does on the historical facts of Honest Abe's biography and the Civil War through which he led.

One such scene of revisionist history occurs early on, with young Lincoln — played by Benjamin Walker — witnesses his mother's murder at the hands of a vampire. Actually, notes USA Today, Nancy Lincoln died at 34 from "milk sickness," a common ailment at the time contracted by ingesting contaminated milk or bad beef.

For reasons such as these, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has been winning fairly negative reviews, with occasional positive marks issued for its bad-ass fight scenes. Some critics have taken issue with its overly serious tone. “Lincoln is a cheek in dire need of a tongue. With the most preposterous of plots, one would expect Lincoln to be funny, but it’s not," reports Fox News. "It takes itself as seriously as a disease, and therein lies the biggest problem with this film."

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