After eight years of being interns together, the characters on Grey's Anatomy are gearing up to graduate, but one among them will fail to get past an important career milestone.

Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes said the interns have reached the point in their career that might separate them forever — at least geographically. "They are going to become attendings, they have to take their boards, they have to interview for jobs all over the country," Rhimes told reporters at at the 33rd Annual College Television Awards put on by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation. "We don't know where people are going to end up in that sense. There's this very nostalgic sense that something is being lost for all of them."

Cast member Sandra Oh let another cat out of the bag. “Someone didn’t pass the boards,” Oh told Wetpaint at the same event, but stopped at saying who, exactly. “I’m gonna get in trouble,” she pleaded.

Oh c'mon, Sandra. We won't tell….

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