Matt Stone and Trey Parker put their own spin on the GOP debates that have been entertaining the nation in the next episode of South Park, entitled "Faith Hilling," to air on Comedy Central Wednesday night.

"Faith Hilling," the meaning of which remains a mystery, features the usual crudely drawn cartoons of presidential hopefuls Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul, as they share the GOP debate stage and argue about the key issues concerning the nation, reports The Washington Post.

While no one is sure exactly what Stone and Parker will do to spoof the debates, which ended more than a month ago, a preview clip suggests that it will have something to do with evolution, a sophisticated plot on the part of the boys — Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Butters, and Cartman — and, of course, Faith Hill.

Watch a clip of the upcoming episode here:

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