The classic Kevin Bacon movie, Footloose, is being remade, with dancer-turned-actor Kenny Wormald stepping into Bacon’s shoes.

While the movie is in post-production and will be in theaters only on October 14, Wormald, 26, could not resist taking a sneak peek at the trailer. “I thought I was going to scream … I was blown away,” he told MTV News. He says that while the remake is “all new,” it also pays homage to the original. In fact, Wormald was so excited about the movie that he spilled a few secrets….

The trailer hints at the recreation of the memorable scene in a warehouse, with a young Bacon dancing and cartwheeling. Wormald said that while he did a lot of his own moves, he occasionally had to leave the gymnastics to the stunt men. “We called it the angry dance,” he said. “It's just when it comes to the death-defying stunts — flips and stuff — that's not me. They were like, 'I don't think so. Sit down, Kenny!'” This was especially true of the backflip seen in the trailer. “All of the dancing is me,” he said. “But that flip isn't me — but don't tell anyone!”

But the trailer isn’t all dance. There is a scene featuring Wormald racing a bus, followed by an explosion. This is part of the “new” in the remake – an action-packed twist to the original tractor chicken race. “If you think about it, tractors only go five miles per hour. So I think [director] Craig Brewer wanted a more badass version of the chicken race,” Wormald explains.


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Another bit of “newness” the trailer exposes is that, instead of the Chicago accent of Bacon's character, Ren MacCormack, a northern boy who moves to a southern town, Wormald’s version speaks with a thick Bostonian accent. Wormald said this was not part of the original script. “When I went in there [casting], I wanted to be different than the other guys… so I made a decision to use my Boston accent in the audition,” Wormald said, explaining that no one told him to get rid of the accent. “And then I booked it and they said, 'We're going to change it from Chicago to Boston.' They dug it,” he said.

Watch the trailer here:

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