There's a new sheriff in town. The fourth season of FX's biker gang drama Sons of Anarchy, starring Charlie Hunnam (pictured), will feature the return of the Sons to Charming where a new sheriff, played by Rockmond Dunbar, will change the dynamic of the town. Before they make it home from their 14-month prison sentence, however, the sons will run into some trouble with the police, as shown in a new promo video.

Series creator Kurt Sutter has been revealing details about the upcoming season on a national press tour leading up to the September 6 premiere. "It’s a continuation of the mythology. A lot of what happens this season is a direct result narratively and emotionally of what happened in Ireland in season 3 and how that bounces off of Jax, Gemma and Clay," Sutter told Entertainment Weekly. "If we’re looking at this show as being 6 or 7 seasons, I’d say we’re coming into Act 2 here, in terms of setting up, emotionally, the bigger arc of the series in terms of where it all might go."

The conflicts surrounding this season, Sutter points out, will go deeper than the usual strife between the Sons and local law enforcement. "I think the threats are always going to be what they normally are: law enforcement, rival crime organizations. That’s the nature of the outlaw world," Sutter began. "But I think this season, to a certain extent, the greatest foe the club will have is the club. It’s about the internal foes, which I think are much worse than the external foes this season."

Check out the promo video here:

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