Spize Jonze, the Being John Malkovich director, teamed up with The Nice Guys star Margaret Qualley for a new Kenzo World perfume ad, which was released on Tuesday.

Spike Jonze Directs Kenzo World Perfume Ad

The Kenzo perfume ad highlights Qualley as a woman who appears to be uncomfortable in her own skin, while attending a glamorous party in a ballroom. She decides to remove herself from the event and when she finds herself alone, she transforms into a woman who just lets go.

Qualley is seen breaking out into a series of jerky dance movements; kicking, spinning, and running around a large theater. The unique sequence of dance moves were choreographed by Ryan Heffington, also known as the man behind Sia’s creative music video for “Chandelier.”

The reggae tune and bass beat from the track “Mutant Brain” by Sam Spiegel and Ape Drums blared through Qualley’s performance, enhancing the idea of a woman who wants to feel free.

The new ad is reportedly all part of a campaign asking its wearers to “take control,” and Jonze manages to capture this mantra through the cinematography of Qualley’s dance.

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