Scientists have reportedly discovered a new spider in Brazil on Thursday, and it is named after The Lord of the Rings character Smeagol.

Spider Found In Brazilian Named After ‘Lord of the Rings’ Character

In the scientific journal ZooKeys, researchers have written that the new species of troglobitic harvestman spider, landumoema smeagol, is believed to be found only in a network of caves in Brazil’s Minas Gerais state.

The spider is the first blind species of this genus, and has spindly, long legs and a ghostly, golden yellow color.

Smeagol’s character in The Lord of the Rings was corrupted by the One Ring and became Gollum, a cave-dwelling character best known for his ghostly skin, bulging eyes and long legs.

Ricardo Pinto-da-Rocha and his colleagues said the caves where the spider nests is largely unprotected and threatened by logging and limestone extraction.

The researchers called for long-term studies on the population and the biology of landumoema smeagol, to hopefully establish a conservation policy for the species, and a protected area surrounding the caves.

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