Who gave Spencer Pratt a gun? Pratt, 27, was arrested Saturday in Costa Rica for illegal possession of a firearm. The reality star was booked, processed and released from a local jail. 

Pratt seems nonchalant about his arrest. "Arrested in Costa Rica," he tweeted. "If I knew the gov’t was Team Jacob, I wouldve kept my mouth shut" and "Costa Rican jail smells like children’s tears. And soup. Delicious soup." Pratt, who recently made a series of extremely public apologies to plastic surgery prone ex-wife Heidi Montag, 23, continued his tendency toward public over-share in a statement released to TMZ. According to Pratt, his Costa Rican visit was part of ongoing "spiritual cleansing," where he had to "live off the land and hunt to survive." Pratt then accidentally took his "hunting weapons" to the airport. 

"Thanks to jail, I finally have something in common with Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and that Lohan chick," he tweeted. It is unclear whether Pratt will be charged with anything. 

Read full statement below:

"As part of my spiritual cleansing I’ve spent the last week living alone in the jungle, reflecting on my past transgressions, and working to become a better person. I had to live off the land, and hunt to survive. As I departed the country this morning to continue my spiritual journey, I mistakenly brought my hunting weapons to the airport. It was an honest mistake, and they sent me on my way. On an unrelated note, I’m not allowed in the country anymore — but that’s because of the chicken incident." –AMY LEE


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