Olga Graf, Russian speed skater, who won a bronze medal for the women’s 3000m race, unzipped her uniform after her record-breaking run, momentarily forgetting she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

Olga Graf Almost Flashes Entire Olympic Audience

Graf, 30, made her personal best time at the Sochi Olympics on Sunday, Feb. 9, after completing the 3,000 meter-run in 4:03.37. At that moment in the competition, Graf’s time put her in first place and on track to win the gold. As she took a victory lap, Graf waved her fists in the air and unzipped her skintight suit down to her navel, almost flashing the crowd. Graf quickly realized she was in danger of exposing herself and covered herself while she zipped her suit back up.

“I totally forgot. We have very good suits and they are very tight… You just want to breath and you want to take off your suit,” Graf told reporters after the race.

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All in all, Graf certainly won’t let her near wardrobe malfunction mar her memories of winning Bronze at the Sochi Olympics, the first Olympic medal for Russia in the games.

Putin Congratulates Graf

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, congratulated Graf on her performance in a written statement:

“I sincerely congratulate you on your excellent performance at the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi – on winning the honorary bronze medal. You have given unforgettable minutes of triumph and true joy to millions of fans and opened the medal score list of our team. Well done!

“I strongly feel this success will reinvigorate the Russian athletes’ spirit and breath new life into their strength and self-confidence. I wish you new victories and the best of everything.”

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