On Sunday, Soundgarden was joined by a large crowd of fans to pay tribute to the rock band’s late frontman Chris Cornell by unveiling a life-size statue of him at the Seattle Museum of Pop Culture.

Also present were the late singer’s widow Vicky Cornell — who reportedly commissioned the statue — and her children, Toni, Lily and Christopher. Soundgarden members Matt Cameron, Ben Shepherd and Kim Thayil also attended the ceremony.

“It’s a reflection of his light, a light that shone through his music and touched millions,” Vicky Cornell said of her late husband at the event. “A light that he used to illuminate our lives, and a light that will continue to inspire those in the future. This statue represents that light — a beautiful, powerful, incomparable presence in a hometown worthy of someone as special as Chris.”

Chris Cornell committed suicide by hanging on May 18, 2017 at age 52. He was found dead in a hotel room in Detroit just hours following a Soundgarden concert. The singer was also the lead vocalist for Los Angeles-based rock band Audioslave, which formed in 2001.


Shepherd, who joined Soundgarden in 1990 after Jason Everman’s departure, said of Cornell, “One thing about Chris, speaking specifically about him, [was] he had the spirit of ‘go for it’ all the time. Just go for it. Push, find out where we can go. And all three of those guys for me when I joined — I was thrown in the fire — they were already rollin’. And they’re all so adventurous and so strong that they made it a totally natural thing to just see where we can go. … It was all about moving forward. What’s next. Onward. Let’s go find out.”

Fans of the band were teary-eyed as songs like “Black Hole Sun” played at Sunday’s ceremony.

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