A lawsuit was filed against Soulja Boy for alleged death threats. The rapper made a clip in August where he waved a gun in front of the camera. He posted the video on social media to his ex-girlfriend and her alleged new boyfriend, who is now suing. “F–k you and f–k Nia Riley,” Soulja Boy says in front of the camera. “Stop playing before some shooters be outside your house.”

Skrill Dilly is the man who filed the lawsuit, an who, as it turns out, was not in a relationship with Soulja’s ex after all. She even said that she never met the man he referenced.

Dilly’s lawsuits demands $10,000 for the harm Soulja’s threats caused. The plaintiff says that the stress from the whole situation has caused some medical conditions, and he wants money to cover the medical expenses.

Dilly says the threats had lasting impact, including his daughter’s mother not letting him near the little girl because of the danger.


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Soulja Boy has said the gun in the video was fake. He has made no other comment or spoken to the press about the allegations.

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