Sophie Kennedy Clark plays one of the sexually active characters in director Lars von Trier’s provocative new film Nymphomaniac. For Clark, shooting the films sex scenes wasn’t much of a big deal to her.

Sophia Kennedy Clark’s Nymphomaniac Sex Scenes

Clark finds it odd that sex has become more of a taboo topic in cinema than violence. “Is it not a bit of a sad day that we’ve found ourselves in a place where we’re more immune to watching people being shot in the face or children being massacred on screen than we are seeing a bit of sex?” she told Uinterview. “Let’s be honest, sex and nudity — it’s not new. We all got here somehow, didn’t we?”

While Django Unchained, directed by Quentin Tarantino, was the 2012 film whose violence sparked a dialogue about intensely gory acts being depicted on screen, Clark references the much-talked about whipping scene in this year’s critically acclaimed slave narrative 12 Years a Slave.

“You know, in things like 12 Years A Slave, do I want to see a ten-minute whipping scene? Yes, it documents how real it was then,” Clark said. “But that makes me feel very uncomfortable whereas the thought of watching two people have sex, that doesn’t make me feel quite so uncomfortable anymore. Because it’s something, ‘I know what that looks like kind of thing.”

Clark Talks ‘Nymphomaniac’

As for Nymphomaniac itself, Clark believes that the sex depicted in the film is far from gratuitous – in fact it’s indispensable to the story the movie endeavors to tell of a young woman addicted to sex. “I think a clever audience will watch it and realize that the sex is a side note to the story of a woman with a sex addiction, so it needs to be there. It’s not thankless,” she said. “I’m very much looking forward to it coming out because it’s not what you would expect.”

Nymphomaniac will be released in two parts in 2014 – the first in March and the second in April.

– Chelsea Regan

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