Sophie Eggleston, who claims to be the inspirations for Cookie Lyon on the hit TV show Empire, is reportedly suing the creators of the show due to the “similarities” between her real life and the character.


Eggleston is claiming that the character of Cookie Lyon is based off her autobiography, Hidden Hand that was released in 2009. She quickly hired lawyers to sue the show’s co-creators Lee Daniels and Danny Strong.

Tom Heed, Eggleston’s lawyer said in a statement: “I certainly feel like she has a very good argument. What she believes is that the character of herself, especially before she went to prison, as it was expressed in the book ‘The Hidden Hand,’ was pretty much cribbed in total and that is now the character Cookie Lyon.”

Her lawyer also stated how both women have a gay son and share a taste in flashy clothing.

Also according to her suit, she noticed the similarities between her and Cookie immediately. The suit described her as being “stunned and dismayed to see the various similarities of events and characters . . . so numerous and specific, especially . . . Cookie Lyon, that independent creation was obviously impossible.”

Eggleston and her team seeking $300 million for taking her story without her consent.

Eggleston also claims that in 2011 she met with a screenwriter in Los Angeles about turning her autobiography into a project that would be later pitched to Daniels. While that meeting with Daniels may or may not have happened, the show Empire did, minus any input with Eggleston.