With the SXSW festival taking place this week in Austin, Tex., Sony has debuted a new futuristic projector that brings tabletops to life.


The new Xperia projectors will use depth sensors and motion tracking to detect objects placed on the table and displays additional information and interactive elements to be touched and played with.

The company also uploaded a YouTube video that gives viewers a sneak peek into the new world of their technology. Using Lewis Carrol’s Alice In Wonderland, the video shows that with a simple tap the pictures come to life and float out of the book.

The goal for these futuristic playgrounds is to be integrated into classrooms to allow children to visually learn about classic pieces of literature. The ability to place it on any kind of tabletop will allow home use as well.

In addition to the new projector, Sony will be debuting its Concept N headphones, a voice-activated Bluetooth hands-free headset that has a built-in camera and GPS, that you can wear around your neck or plug into your ears.

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