Sons of Anarchy’s penultimate season 6 episode opened with Jax (Charlie Hunnam) sitting down for a meeting with the DA. She’s well aware that Jax didn’t play by her rules, but also realizes that he ultimately delivered what she wanted – causing her to be lauded as the brains behind discovering who provided the guns that led to the school shooting.

Sons of Anarchy Recap

The DA wants Tara (Maggie Siff) to give her the bullet she pulled out of Bobby’s (Mark Boone Junior) arm, which places SAMCRO at the scene of the cop’s death and Clay’s (Ron Perlman) staged prison escape. It’s the only way she’ll be granted Witness Protection, so she agrees to meet Patterson at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Abel is an Gemma’s, where Unser (Dayton Callie) is preparing them all breakfast. Wendy (Drea de Matteo), who’s been staying there, asks Gemma (Katey Sagal) why she’s been so kind to her. Gemma reveals that she believes Tara might be headed to jail, which means she’d like a second set of hands to help her care for the two kids. In order for Jax to let Wendy near the kids, however, she’s got to get clean.

Gemma is at Tara’s office once she arrives at the hospital, attempting to get anti-nausea medicine for Wendy. Tara manages to get Gemma out of her office while she waits for the DA. She tells the DA that she can send the papers to her lawyer, who will decide if she should go through with the deal. If it’s determined to be solid, she tells the DA she’ll get to her office by 6 p.m. with the boys and the incriminating bullet.


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Jax Deals With Connor, Nero Meets With Marcus

As Jax learns that the BBC is covering Galen’s (Timothy V. Murphy) death from Connor (Scott Anderson), Tig (Kim Coates), Quinn (Rusty Coones) and Montez (Jacob Vargas) head to the barn to check on the gun delivery. There, they add a couple more Irishmen to the list of causalities. The older Lin (Kenneth Choi) meets up with Jax and the other guys at the barn and is disappointed to see the dead guys. He’ll only be satisfied if Jax hands Connor over to him. So, Jax tells Connor that Lin killed the Irish at the barn and gets him to agree to meet with Marks (Billy Brown).

At Diosa, Fiasco tells Nero (Jimmy Smits) that he needs him to hold the guys together. He tells him that the best options is to agree to an alliance with Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera). When Nero meets with Marcus, he hears about the concerns for the stability of the gun business now that SAMCRO is out. There’s no longer a referee, which means the remaining gangs – the Mayana, Byz-Lats, Niners, Italians and Chinese – will likely be at each others throats.

Tara Says Goodbye To Jax, Juice ODs On Oxycontin

When Tara returns to the cabin, she finds Bobby getting drunk and high with some of the crew. Jax is there and he follows Tara as she heads off towards the bedroom. He lets her know that he’s going to be out late dealing with the last of the Irish, and promises that they’ll focus on their relationship once she gets through her trial. She gives him a tearful hug before he takes his leave. After changing Bobby’s bandage, she sneaks out of the bedroom.

Juice (Theo Rossi) heads to the Diosa, visibly high. Lyla (Winter Ave Zoli) tells him she’s sorry about Clays death, but admits it was probably in the club's best interest. She takes the emotional Juice to a room and offers to send him a girl. While waiting, he appears to have a panic attack before popping a painkiller. When Nero gets to Diosa, Juice’s escort runs out of the room, shouting that something is wrong with him. They see the Oxycontin wrappers in the trash, but instead of letting anyone call 911, Gemma shoves her fingers down his throat.

With Juice stabilized, Gemma picks up a phone call from Tara, who claims that she needs help getting Bobby’s wound under control. In reality, after learning from the DA that her lawyer like the deal, Tara had hit the road. She then asks Gemma about the boys while she crosses into Charming. As Gemma heads to the cabin to deal with Bobby, Nero stays with Juice. Barely conscious, Juice reveals to Nero that Jax put him up to killing the kid’s mom.

The Irish & The Niners Become Allies

At the rendezvous with the Irish, Jax reveals it’s the Chinese and not Marks he's arrived with . Both the Sons and the Chinese start firing on the Irish and Connor gets handed over to Lin (Walter Wong). Then, Jax tells the Chinese that the guns are in the truck in the barn. When the crew opens the truck, they’re met with gunfire courtesy of the Niners – and the Sons.

Once Happy finishes off Lin, Jax tells Connor that slaughtering some of the Chinese gang had to happen. The Niners plan to load the van with the dead Chinese and then park it in front of Lin’s restaurant. Although Jax says he’s now out of their dealings, Marks says his work is far from done. When August arrives at the barn, he leaves a hefty some of cash with Connor, which he believes will foster trust between the two.

Tara goes to pick up up Abel and Thomas at Gemma’s, where Unser and Wendy try to thwart her. As soon as Tara gets in the car, Unser calls Gemma to report the news, who in turn calls up Jax. Driving at speed, Tara tries to sooth the boys, singing “You Are My Sunshine” and fielding questions about their father. She’s unable to stop herself from crying. Jax realizes back at the house that Tara really took the kids, believing that she made a deal, while the DA alerts the ATF agent that Tara never showed up. Tara, meanwhile, is holed up in a motel room with her two boys.

Sons of Anarchy aris Tuesdays on FX at 10/9c.

– Chelsea Regan

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