Sons of Anarchy pit Tara against Gemma as Tara’s plan went into action and she faked a miscarriage and accused Gemma of assault on “Sweet and Vaded.”

The Sons have a new meeting place, courtesy of Mayor Hale (Jeff Kober), but they have a limited welcome in Charming. The bomb scared the town, and people want to get rid of the club. Hale warns them that they have three months to win back the town’s trust or they’re done. In other SAMCRO news, the club voted in three new members, Quinn, West and Montez, and giving Ratboy (Niko Nicotera) a full patch. And the deal with the Irish looks like it’s going to pass – Jax (Charlie Hunnam) tells Connor that he will let him go and that he is to tell Galen that he accepts the terms of the deal to have Clay (Ron Perlman) run the guns.

Now that the DA advanced her trial date, Tara (Maggie Siff) is scrambling to move up her time table. At the hospital, she fills a blood bag with her own blood and gets a pep talk from Margaret (McNally Sagal), who encourages her to look at the bigger picture. Later, Tara meets with Lowen (Robin Weigert) about legal papers that would deny Gemma (Katey Sagal) any claim to the boys (no custody, no visitation). Tara signs, but without Jax’s signature the papers are meaningless. Tara says she can get Jax to sign it, but she needs a favor from Unser (Dayton Callie) first. She needs him to help her obtain a restraining order.

Still believing he is going to go down for Toric’s murder of the escort, Nero (Jimmy Smits) is stuck in jail with the DA. DA Patterson (CCH Pounder) offers him a deal: testify that Jax and SAMCRO sold him the gun that was then used in the school shooting and he’ll walk. He has 24 hours. With time running out until DNA confirmed Toric was the escort’s killer, the DA decides to get Eli (Rockmond Dunbar) to pursue Barosky (Peter Weller) as a possible way to bring Jax down.

Nero also gets a visit from Gemma, who tells him about Venus’ (Walton Goggins) woes with her mother, Alice and her “nephew” Joey. Nero asks Gemma to get SAMCRO to get Joey away from Alice. After hearing Venus’ story (her mother essentially forced her into prostitution when she was a child), Jax and the boys decide to help her get Joey away from Alice. Their initial meeting with Alice didn’t go well, and they ended up chasing her to Alice’s kiddy porn studio, Happy Carousel, where they found Joey drugged and shirtless. The boys succeed in keeping Venus from shooting Alice’s head off, and it looks like they’ll be able to take Joey peacefully. That is until Alice decides to give her son/daughter a lecture about how her son will hate her when he finds out she’s not his aunt, but his father. The truth won’t matter, because the lies and the harsh reality of Venus’ actions and life will kill Joey. Jax can’t take it, and he shoots her. Later, he tries to convince Venus to tell Joey, but Venus says she can’t lose him yet.

Finally, Wendy (Drea de Matteo) met with Gemma and told her that Tara had decided to make Margaret the boys’ guardian because she didn’t trust Wendy. Wendy pleaded Gemma to stop Tara and told her she could find her daughter in law at the hospital. Gemma arrives and has a physical confrontation with Margaret and Tara, but doesn’t take Tara’s bait to really hit her where it hurts. So, Tara has to take matters into her own hands. Armed with her hidden blood bag, she rams herself into a desk and collapses on the floor, causing the blood bag to explode around her. When Margaret, Unser and Wendy find them, Tara is on the floor clutching her belly, yelling that Gemma attacked her and crying hysterically. She says she lost her 'baby' (all part of the plan: she needed the restraining order for Gemma).

The episode ends with Gemma getting arrested and Tara convincing Jax to sign the papers baring Gemma from the boys forever.

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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