Sons Of Anarchy put Jax (Charlie Hunnam) between a rock and a hard place when he was torn between troubles with business and at home in the episode "Los Fantasmas."

The episode opens with Jax caring for Tara (Maggie Siff) while she recovers from her 'miscarriage,' telling her that he's going to take the boys to daycare, check in at the clubhouse, and that he doesn't care who bails Gemma (Katey Sagal) out of jail, if anyone.

We transition over to Gemma in her holding cell. Eli (Rockmond Dunbar) brings her coffee and gets her to open up about her side of the story – specifically that she doesn't think Tara was ever pregnant. Gemma doesn't believe that Tara would hurt her baby just to keep Gemma away from her boys.

After a relapsed Wendy (Drea De Matteo) buys some drugs, Jax checks in at the clubhouse. He thinks Bobby, Tig and Chibs are worried about the rift between Gemma and Tara, but they have bigger things to worry about — the headline in the San Joaquin Tribune reads "Local Gangs Tied to Count of Aquino Shooting: Byzlats, Sons of Anarchy May Have Supplied Gun to Shooter's Mother." Because of the accusation, the DA (CCH Pounder) tells Nero (Jimmy Smits) that there'll be a large police presence in Byz Lat territory, and pressures him to give up who gave the gun to the shooter. She gives him six hours to decide.

Unser (Dayton Callie) shows up to see Tara, who is up and out of bed. He's pieced together that Tara asked for the restraining order before anything had even happened between her and Gemma, and can't believe Tara would purposely do anything to hurt her baby. She assures him that she wouldn't, and essentially confirms that her pregnancy was fake. Tara gets worried Unser will tell Gemma the truth, but he assures her that he won't; he just won't help her in her scheme anymore. Back at the prison, Eli tells Unser that he plans to let Gemma go and let the family handle things.

Meanwhile, the Byz Lats struggles to keep things together following the damning headline. Jax tries to keep things calm by telling Fiasco (Rey Gallegos) that the DA has nothing on them — she's just trying to, and succeeding at, scaring them. While the Byz Lats stand around, Tig (Kim Coates) notices a suspicious car, which Juice (Theo Rossi) assumes is Vice tailing them. The car barrels toward them and Juice stands in the road, not moving. It swerves and takes out Gomes (Mario Perez), Fiasco's second in command. Jax tells Tig to have the Byz Lats take the body to Skeeter and find out the driver's identity.

Gomes Is Run Over By An Unknown Hit-And-Run Driver.

Wendy comes to Jax and asks to see Tara, but he tells her that he doesn't want her coming around. He threatens her as she tries to explain that she, like Jax, wants his children to grow up without hate in their hearts. She walks away, and tells Jax that she is tired of being hated.

Meanwhile, Nero meets with the DA, prepared to talk. After asking that his son be moved to the best facility and receive the best care for the rest of his life, he lies and takes the blame, knowing he'd probably lose Gemma and his life if he ratted out Jax.

Tara goes to the clubhouse to find Jax, but finds Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) instead. The two smoke a joint and Tara asks if he believes Jax can turn the clubhouse into a legitimate business. Bobby tells her that Jax can, but only if she stays and doesn't give up on him. She looks hesitant and leaves.

Jax, meanwhile, is in Stockton after the Byz Lats find the car used in the hit and run. They want to bust the door in, but Jax tells them to wait for police sirens, as they're calling it in to the DA.

Eli delivers the DNA results from Toric's hotel room, confirming that he, not Nero, had killed Erin. However, the DA informs him of Nero's confession, foiling Eli's goal of cutting Nero loose. He had expected Nero's lawyer to say he was coerced into selling the gun because of the false murder charge, but the DA's promise to give Nero's son a better life was all he needed to give his fake admission.

Back in Stockton, the Byz Lats and SAMCRO break into the house. Jax tells Fiasco to call them off, but then the driver comes out with a large knife, slicing a Byz Lat on the shoulder. Jax headbutts him to the ground and the Byz Lats hold their guns on him. That's when Jax notices a photo of a young boy and convinces the guys to pull their guns away. This man was the father of a child killed in the school shooting. He ran over Gomes wanting revenge after reading the headline in the newspaper. As the man reaches for his knife, Tig knocks the guy out and they wait for the police.

Jax Realizes That The Hit-And-Run Driver Was The Father Of A Child Killed In The School Shooting Looking For Revenge.

When the police arrive, however, the man is awake and looking at a photo of his son. Without a word, he takes the knife and plunges it into his neck, killing himself.

Wendy decides to go see Gemma. Gemma knows that Jax will eventually realize the truth about Tara's fake pregnancy and asks her what side she wants to be on when that happens.

Jax goes to the hospital to pick up his sons and finds his mother waiting for him. Gemma tries to tell Jax the truth — that she hadn't hurt Tara — but Jax, understandably, doesn't believe her. "You will never see those kids again," he tells her. "Grandma is dead."

The DA visits Nero again and tells him that Toric killed Erin, not him. However, she also gives him photos of the gunned-down children and tells him to think about them everytime he visits his son.

In the final scene, Tara and Jax put their sons to bed and Jax tries to pull things together, emotionally begging Tara to let him back in because he feels so distant from her.

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