Sons of Anarchy began to unravel the aftermath of the school shooting in “One One Six,” causing Jax to order the killing of Darvany.

Arcadio (Dave Navarro) showed up at Nero (Jimmy Smits) and Gemma’s (Katey Sagal) door early in the morning to tell Nero that Matthew, his girlfriend’s son, was the shooter and that he had used his KG-9, which, obviously, could implicate everyone in the shooting. Gemma goes to inform Jax (Charlie Hunnam) that Nero is going to want to talk to him about the shooting later, adding to Jax’ already dramatic day. Tara (Maggie Siff) has been released from prison, but, despite a sweet reunion with her sons, things are all but sweet between the couple.

Jax cautiously tells her that he wouldn’t make Wendy the guardian of their children, and he assured her that he was taking the necessary steps towards legitimizing the club, working with Diosa. Tara, deflated and defeated, assured him that she wasn’t leaving for Oregon – she has a trial in six weeks. Jax is sure that Tara would never be convicted, but Tara isn’t so sure.

In prison, Toric (Donal Logue) pays Clay (Ron Perlman) a visit to finalize their deal. In exchange for turning on SAMCRO, Clay will get full immunity for his crimes as part of the club, witness protection and a legal team to represent him against his current murder charge. Before Clay signs the papers officially turning him into a traitor, he wants to see Gemma and Jax in person.

Not only is Toric one step closer to breaking up SAMCRO from the inside, he has also determined that the gun used at the school shooting that left four dead (five including the shooter) and nine injured was an automatic KG-9, most likely underground, with no marks.

Jax, too, learns this information from Nero, and the too come up with a plan to hide Darvany, the shooter’s junkie mother, from the cops. She’s unstable, says Nero, and Jax agrees to get her to the cabin as soon as possible. Leaving Tara at home with Gemma, Nero and Jax get to work. They grab Darvany and Arcadio and take them up to the cabin where they have also stored all of their guns. Surprise, surprise, this does not go well, and Darvany, high on drugs and frantic, takes a shotgun and begs Arcadio to flee with her. Arcadio and Darvany are about to cause major problems for Nero and SAMCRO, and, having no choice, Nero shoots Arcadio. Nero wants them to keep Darvany alive and safe, but Jax disagrees and discreetly has Juice (Theo Rossi) kill her. When Nero finds Darvany dead in the cabin, he suspects it was done on Jax’ orders, but Jax lies and says she must have OD’d.

Gemma and Tara clear the air a bit, with Gemma telling Tara that she was not the one who turned her in, but Tara doesn’t seem all that relieved, and Gemma can tell something is wrong. While Gemma is out of the house, a possibly pregnant Tara meets with her lawyer, Lowen, and reveals her plan: she has compiled a detailed account of the violent environment Jax provides for their children. Should she go to jail, she wants Lowen to petition the court to make Wendy her sons’ guardian, and then she wants Lowen to get the ball rolling on her divorce. Later that night, Tara almost cries when she sleeps with her husband.

Gemma, meanwhile, also has an emotional encounter with her husband, Clay when she goes to visit him in prison. Clay apologizes to her, and tells her that she did everything right. She successfully avoids saying anything incriminating, but she does let Clay get under her skin. When she returns, she tells Jax that he has to go visit his father. She could tell he was going to turn on them, he was acting too guilty during her visit and Jax needs to go see Clay and figure it out. Jax doesn’t visit before the episode is over, so Clay leaves his deal documents unsigned. Desperate to turn Clay, Toric forges Clay’s signature and buys himself, and the D.A., some time.

On a different front, Jax strikes a deal with Gaalan in his efforts to get SAMCRO out of the illegal gun business: he’ll accept a huge shipment of KG-9s, move them fast, and set Gaalan up with another charter to run their guns.

On next week’s Sons of Anarchy, Jax visits Clay in prison in “Poenitentia,” Tuesday at 10 p.m. on FX.

Olivia Truffaut-Wong

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