Sons of Anarchy, “Papa’s Goods” opens with Jax (Charlie Hunnam) awake in bed beside Wendy (Drea de Matteo) the day after killing Unser and his mother.

Sons Of Anarchy Recap

Deliberately, Jax puts on his rings, grabs his notebooks, checks on his sons, throws out his bloody sneakers, dons his boot, readies his gun and walks out of the house. At a storage unit, he browses through pictures and finds his father’s manuscript, and burns both. When he heads to the cemetery, he drops two of his Sons rings on Opie’s grave and his wedding ring on Tara’s.

When Jax gets to Red Woody, a new production – “Fat A– In My Face” – is underway. At the table, Jax suggests they meet with Tyler (Mo McRae) later. The brothers want to know what happened with the forum. Jax says that can wait, but voting on whether T.O. (Michael Beach) can join the club or not is a priority. They all vote “yes” and Jax presents him with his leather vest.

The SAMCRO guys then head to meet Tyler, who’s spoken to Connor (Scott Anderson). His main worry is his former boss, August Marx (Billy Brown), but Jax tells him not to fret. When Connor shows up for the set-up, the Sons have yet to leave. He fires some bullets at them and then takes off, setting off a high-speed chase that ends with a few of the Sons spinning out on their bikes.

Back at Jax’s house, Nero (Jimmy Smits) shows up to take Wendy and the boys to the farm. He asks her about where Jax is or if she’s seen Gemma (Katey Sagal), clearly worried. Nero then heads to the auto shop. Chucky (Michael Ornstein) says that Unser (Dayton Callie) hasn’t been back and that he knows something is going on with Gemma. Inside Unser’s van, Nero finds Unser’s research on Tara’s death.

Up on the roof of Red Woody, Jax sits down with Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) and tells him that he tord the forum the truth about Jury and that their recommendation was a Mayhem vote. Chibs immediately rejects the idea, but agrees to listen to him. “This is how to learn to be a leader brother. Doing the shit that hurts the most,” Jax tells Chibs. “It’s how you earn respect.” When the Irish come up, the Sons shoot two of them, forcing Hugh to help them get Connor. The Sons surprise him with a new plan for his rogue guns, using the Mayans as a fence.

Jax then meets Nero at the auto shop, where Chucky tells him the plates are up on his father’s bike. He tells Nero he has some business for Nero to attend to, including making sure Wendy gets the shop and the houses to sell so that she can get out of Charming. He also talks about Red Woody and Diosa. Through tears, he admits to killing Gemma and apologizes to Nero. He doesn’t want his boys to become what he’s become, but tells Nero he can tell Wendy everything and that she’ll eventually need to tell his kids who he really is. He kisses his boys and Wendy goodbye and tells her everything will be fine.

At the police headquarters, Jarry (Annabeth Gish) shares with the DA that Gemma’s story doesn’t check out. Patterson (CCH Pounder) informs her that Jax called her to set up a meeting and tells Jarry to put out an APB on Gemma. Jarry then goes to meet with Chibs, asks some questions about Jax and Gemma and calls off their affair. Meanwhile, Jax goes to see Patterson. He thanks her for trying to help Tara and says he’ll tell her everything. He tells her that Gemma killed Tara and that Gemma and Unser are in Oregon. Off the record, he says he won’t cop to the retaliation against the Chinese because of the club, but that by the end of the day, the bloodshed will be over.

In a club meeting led by Chibs, the brothers begrudgingly vote yay for Jax to meet Mr. Mayhem.

Jax then heads to Barosky’s (Peter Weller) deli and shoots him dead, as up in Oregon, police find the crime scene with Gemma and Unser. Then Jax goes into town and confronts the homeless woman. “It’s time,” she says and gives him her blanket. Outside the courthouse, Jax uses the blanket to hide on the steps. As August Marks walks out a free man, Jax pops up and kills him.

Afterwards, Jax goes to meet with his brothers, gives Chibs his president patch and commends Chibs’ choice of Tig (Kim Coates) as VP. “I’m ready,” he says. Chibs, picking up Jax’s gun, shoots Happy (David Labrava) in the arm. They’re going to spin a story about Jax resisting the Mr. Mayhem vote and making a getaway. Jax says he’d never put killing him on them. After some sorrowful goodbyes, Jax hops on his father’s bike and takes off to the place where he crashed. When a police officer tries to apprehend him, he takes off again.

With the police at his heels, Jax continues down Interstate 580. When he sees a tractor trailer – driven by Milo (Michael Chiklis) – he stretches his arms wide, closes his eyes and rides straight into its path.


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