A Philadelphia Eagles fan stole a Vietnam vet’s prosthetic leg outside of an Eagles game on Sunday, Oct. 12.

Philadelphia Eagles Fan Steals Prosthetic Leg

Sonny Forriest Jr., a wheelchair-bound veteran, frequently performs outside of Philadelphia Eagles games, and was singing in front of Lincoln Financial Field Sunday night when the theft occurred. Forriest later told police that he took off his prosthetic leg because it was hurting and put it on the back of his motorized wheelchair. An intoxicated young woman reportedly saw Forriest and sat on his lap, breaking his microphone. The woman and Forriest continued to party outside until the woman grabbed his prosthetic leg and ran away.

“She jumped in my lap…She gripped my leg and I didn’t even know it. I looked down and she took my leg! Then she disappeared! A young lady came up, snatched my leg off my chair and took off,” Forriest told NBC Philadelphia.

Forriest filed a police report and his prosthetic was found by Philadelphia police on Monday on a subway train. No arrests has been made, and Forriest says he hopes it stays that way, telling NBC, “Somebody need to talk to her, she don’t need to go to jail."

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