Sonja Morgan, from The Real Housewives of New York, has recently revealed the results from her fresh $75,000 face and neck lift. Morgan underwent the procedure performed by New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Jacono, just before the quarantine began.

Morgan showed off her facelift to Justin Sylvester in an interview for Monday’s Daily Pop. “I promised to tell you first,” Morgan joked and went on to explain how her facelift was different from most. “He goes under the muscle, which keeps the skin attached to the muscle so all the blood vessels are still attached and very vibrant and alive.”

Jacono said the goal of Morgan’s face and neck lift was to give her a natural-looking revamp. “It lifts the deep structures of the face while also releasing facial ligaments,” the surgeon told E! News. Jacono, who is the author of The Park Avenue Face, added that this form of face and neck lift “results in a naturally volumized, heart-shaped face of youth, free of distortion or tension. It also eliminates the need for recurrent injectable fillers and fat grafting.”

He continued to say that the biggest difference between the procedure Morgan underwent compared to normal facelifts “is that it lifts the face vertically against gravity. Not pulled back to the ears, stretching the corners of the mouth, to avoid that dreaded ‘wind tunnel’ look.”

Jacono added that once the procedure is complete, the results last from 10 to 12 years.

Morgan is beyond pleased with how her face and neck turned out and has been showing her fans a glimpse of her new look on social media. “He’s the surgeon of all surgeons,” she said about Jacono. “I don’t take my chances. My face is my money. Well first my mouth is my money and I like to say my ass-ets are my money too!”

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