Solange Knowles, days after a video leaked of her trying to attack her brother-in-law Jay Z, seems to have deleted all photographs of her and Beyonce from her Instagram page. Beyonce, meanwhile, has uploaded a number of sisterly snaps to her own page.

Solange Deletes Beyonce From Her Instagram

Solange, 27, appears to be using Instagram to send a message – to her sister or to the world at large – that she and Beyonce are on the outs by scrubbing her page of her presence. The pictures that remain on her social media page are mostly artsy poses of herself and a few of her son Julez.

Perhaps in response to her sister’s move, Beyonce has flooded her own page with loving snaps of herself with Solange, including one from April’s Coachella Music Festival. Beyonce could also be doing some damage control, trying to show that she and Solange’s bond is still unbroken.

Solange Attacks Jay Z

All eyes are currently on the dynamic between Solange, Beyonce and Jay-Z after a leaked video obtained by TMZ showed Solange throw punches and attempt to land some kicks on the “Holy Grail” rapper. In the elevator scene, which occurred at a Met Gala after party at The Standard Hotel, Beyonce impassively watched the confrontation unfold.

Following the elevator incident, the three exited the hotel. Beyonce got into a waiting car with Solange, while Jay Z entered another car by himself. Initially, some rumors suggested that Solange had been sparring on her sister’s behalf, but the married couple looked as loved up as ever at a Brooklyn Nets game this week.

Beyonce also posted an Instagram picture that looks like a direct response to speculation that Solange had found out Jay Z cheated on her with Rihanna. The “Drunk in Love” singer posted a photo of herself with Rihanna at the Met Ball, presumably hours before Solange lost her temper.

While the Knowles sisters have been active managing their social media, neither artist has released an official statement. Jay Z has remained quiet about the incident as well. Rumored reasons for the fight, in addition to the cheating scandal, include Solange having too much to drink, growing frustrated with the lack of help Jay Z has given her career, and Jay Z making a comment that caused Solange to rage.

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