Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara was panned for her inappropriate joke when introducing the Stallone sisters, SophiaSistine and Scarlet at this year’s Miss Golden Globes.


The Colombian actress got some chuckles for mistaking some similar sounding words at the podium. “The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has an anal tradition… I didn’t mean anal..,” she sputtered, in what appeared to be an honest mistake. But then she continued, “I mean they have an anus tradition… They have a tradition that they do every year…”

The star then introduced the Stallone sisters as the Miss Golden Globes. While some found it odd and inappropriate that the joke was used in introducing a group of three young sisters, most people were offended on Vergara’s behalf. “I wish we could live in a world where Sofia Vergara doesn’t have to CONSTANTLY MOCK HERSELF IN ORDER TO EXIST,” wrote one Twitter user.

It is true that Vergara’s humor is often associated with her thick Colombian accent, and is the butt of jokes in which she appears to not be able to speak English well.

She was involved in another controversial skit during the 2014 Emmys, in which the CEO and chairman of the award show talked about diversity, while Vergara spun around on a rotating platform to emulate his point. She later defended the bit, saying “I absolutely think it’s ridiculous” that people are upset by it. “Somebody who started this… has no sense of humor and should lighten up a bit.”

But still, the Twitter-sphere had a lot to say on this year’s matter.

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