The Snowpiercer TV series, a rendition of Jacques Lob‘s Le Transperceneige a graphic novel, premiered on TNT on Sunday night. The novel was previously adapted into an Oscar-winning film, directed by Bong Joon-ho.

The show set the scene of the characters trying to escape an Earth that no longer is able to be lived on. There was a climate shift that created a war between those who live on Earth and when scientist tried to fix this issue, they ended up freezing over the planet. 

A train named Snowpiercer is created in order to save Earth’s most privileged. On the train, a caste system is installed dividing the different classes on the train and creating a society of its own. However, in the back of the train there are unwanted passengers called tailies. The Snowpiercer is designed to have all of Earth’s elements as well as this newly created society.

The series’ plot line depicts the tailies wanting to escape the back of the train and get to the engine. The show’s main character Layton, portrayed by Daveed Diggs, is a former homicide detective that snuck onto the Snowpiercer with his wife. As the episode progressed the plot line formed more into being a murder mystery that Layton became involved in solving. 


Because of the caste system and utopian like society that was formed, the elites of the Snowpiercer where ill-equipped to handle the murder that occurred and needed Layton’s expertise. 

Other tailies that are stuck on the train include the world’s last Australian whom the other tailies give most of their food to in order to fuel his strong body and an old man who remembers what it was like to be alone before the Snowpiercer. 

The show stars other actors including Jennifer Connelly, Rowan Blanchard, Lena Hall and Allison Wright.

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