Larry King paid Snoop Lion, the artist formerly known as Snoop Dog, a visit on his GGN YouTube network and expressed his latent desire to be rapper.

"Is there a Jewish rap star?" King asked Snoop. "Not yet," the host replied – seeming to forget Matisyahu, Mac Miller, Drake, the Beastie Boys and more. "I'm going to break ground here tonight as a Jewish rap star," King claimed.

Looking for inspiration for King’s debut rap single, Snoop asked the famed celebrity interviewer to name some of his favorite things. King listed off going out to dinner, Dodger games and crunchy peanut butter. Then, Snoop had them switch ensembles, leaving himself in a white shirt, tie and suspenders. King, on the other hand, sported an Adidas track jacket, gold chain and a rasta hat.

After King asked Snoop a few questions – one of which revealed that the hip-hop star wishes he could lock lips with actress Sissy Spacek and the late Princess Diana – the two got down to rapping.

"I like the Dodgers and I like reading, but the most important thing I like is eating!" rhymed King. Watch the video below for the full rap.

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