A fight involving Snoop Dogg broke out at the funeral of comedian Ricky Harris, who passed away Dec. 26.


It is unconfirmed how the fight started, but one of Harris’ cousins reportedly attacked Snoop. A video released by TMZ showed a man lunging at the rapper before he was stopped. Police arrived on the scene at the funeral home, but by that time the fight had ceased.

Actress Sherri Shepherd, who was also present, shared a video of the brawl, and condemned the fight breaking out at a funeral. “We’re at Ricky Harris’ funeral, and we’re about to see the body, and somebody came in the funeral home and went towards Snoop, and Snoop’s bodyguard tackled him,” she wrote. “And then it was just a big fight, and it was so disrespectful to Ricky Harris.”

Snoop took to Instagram to post a video after the funeral, in which he did not mention the brawl, but said it was a “beautiful service” and that “the devil is a-mother-f—ing-live.” The two were childhood friends.

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