Snoop Dogg wants to give the gift of an internship to a fan of his who donates to his charity Snoop Youth Football League.

Snoop Dogg Looks For Intern

Unlike most internships, Snoop is offering one for just one day as opposed one season. The intern “hired” likely won’t even have to do much work, and will get to spend the day with the entertainer as he goes about his daily business – from eating lunch to gaming and DJing.

“‘Twas the season for giving! I’m Snoop ‘n I’m ready to read ur favourite Xmas stories ‘n give 1 of you an internship wit me … let’s help these kids!!,” Snoop said on Reddit. “If you support the campaign wit a small donation, you’ll have the chance to win an internship with ME for a day in LA!! We’ll get lunch at Roscoe’s [House of Chicken and Waffles], play some video games, plan our world domination ‘n decorate some trees.”

“You’ll get a look inside the Snoop world and help me get some work done,” Snoop added. “Maybe on the set of my news network, GGN Hood News, or backstage with me when I’m DJ Snoopadelic.”

The more money a fan donates to the Snoop Youth Football League, the more likely they are to get selected for the coveted internship. The winner will get flown out to Los Angeles and put up in a hotel for the short duration of their stay.

Snoop Youth Football League

The Snoop Youth Football League focuses on at-risk inner city kids between the ages 5-13 and gives the opportunity to get involved in youth football and cheering. “Through sport, children learn the values of teamwork, good sportsmanship, discipline and self-respect, and the importance of academics,” according to the internship competition page. “Each year we have regular season games, playoffs and our own Super Bowl.

“Help me keep these kids off the streets,” says Snoop. "And you could win a Doggystyle day in LA!"

– Chelsea Regan

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