Even though she often speaks in a series of unintelligible grumbles and whines, Jersey Shore star Snooki, aka Nicoli Polizzi, still has a mysterious appeal that manages to command an audience.(And at the rate she's getting paid, it better entertain.) Rutgers University paid the 23-year-old $32,000 for a speaking engagement at its Piscataway, New Jersey campus on Thursday. The hefty price tag came from mandatory student activity fees to the university and is $2,000 higher than what author Toni Morrison—a Nobel Prize winner—will receive when she delivers the school's commencement address in May.

The tiny, tanned Snooki left the future doctors, lawyers, and reality stars of America with these parting words of wisdom: "Study hard, but party harder." Who says we need to work on our education system? —EMILY EXTON

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