The new episode of Saturday Night Live focused, unsurprisingly, on Donald Trump‘s inauguration.

The episode opened with a sketch portraying Vladimir Putin reassuring the American people. Beck Bennett played the role of the shirtless Putin.

“Hello, America. Yesterday we all made Donald Trump the 45th President of the United States,” Bennett’s Putin said to the camera. “Hooray, we did it!”

The nearly four-minute pep talk kept the spotlight on allegations that Trump is too close with Russia. “Putin” told Americans not to worry and promised he would take care of the country because “it’s the most expensive thing we’ve ever bought.”

Though the mock-Russian leader admitted he wasn’t impressed with Trump’s first public statements as president—“I thought you’d be better at this!” he complained.

Putin assured the nation that “it’s going to be fine” under Trump’s new administration. “Relax. I got this,” he said.

The SNL iteration of Putin bade farewell to the American people with a disconcerting sentiment: “It’s going to be a long four years for many of you, but remember, we’re in this together.”

You can watch SNL’s cold open with Bennett here:


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