Saturday’s SNL was one of the best episodes in a while, with a surplus of cameos and a top-notch hosting performance from Donald Glover. And the laughs just keep on coming, as proven by this cut-for-time sketch that takes a deep dive into the supporting crew of a certain professional basketball team.

If you have been following the NBA playoffs, then you know that we may very well be headed towards a Finals matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers for the fourth year in a row, even though besides LeBron James, the Cavs’ roster consists of a bunch of guys you have probably never heard of.

But, as this SNL promo contends, the Cavs have remained successful because LeBron takes care of all the basketball skills, while the other guys cover everything else. You can rely on them for duties like “that thing where you roll the ball up the court to save time” and the pick-and-roll (i.e., picking up LeBron’s laundry and rolling it on over to his house).

And Cleveland’s roster does not discriminate. It consists of young and old, male and female, even a Roomba! Just wait until you see who the starting center is!

If you enjoy basketball, or you just love to laugh, then check out the sketch below:

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