Saturday Night Live decided to focus on the 2020 presidential election for its “cold open” over the weekend by spoofing a town hall event in Iowa where Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) took questions from attendees.

In the sketch, Warren — played by Kate McKinnon — primarily explained her plans for taxes, economic reform and Medicare-for-All. The skit once again mocked the progressive Massachusetts Democrat for her impassioned rhetoric and seemingly limitless energy.

“Look at me, I am in my natural habitat: a public school on a weekend,” said McKinnon’s Warren. “And I just housed a Nature Valley bar in the hallway, so I am jacked up and ready to pipe off.”

The cold quickly took aim at President Donald Trump‘s decision to move to Florida in order to pay lower taxes. McKinnon’s Warren said that unlike Trump, she pays her taxes “in every single state out of principle.”

“Donald, don’t stand too close to an orange tree because somebody might try and pick your head,” she joked.

McKinnon also poked fun at Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas), who announced on Friday that he was dropping out of the 2020 race.

“Let me know how my dust tastes, all right?” quipped McKinnon, addressing O’Rourke after deriding the Texas Democrat for calling her “punitive.”

One of the town hall attendees whom McKinnon’s Warren took questions from was Cecily Strong, who played a staffer from Sen. Kamala Harris’ (D-California) campaign. Strong said she was “still undecided” about which 2020 candidate she supports — seemingly a joke referencing Harris’ recent financial and staffing issues — before asking McKinnon’s Warren why she took so long to unveil her $20 trillion plan to pay for her Medicare-for-All proposal.

McKinnon answered by saying she is exasperated because she feels like she is the only 2020 Democrat who has been asked to give a specific cost for her universal healthcare plan. McKinnon claimed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) was not pressed as much about his estimated budget for Medicare-for-All.

“When Bernie was talking Medicare-for-all everyone was like ‘Oh cool!’ And then they turned to me and they said ‘Fix it, Mom!’” McKinnon’s Warren exclaimed.


McKinnon also mocked former vice president Joe Biden by citing his lack of specifics in his proposals.

“My plan compares favorably in that it exists. Nobody asks Biden how to pay for stuff because his plans are so vague,” McKinnon said. “No one asks how we’re going to pay for ‘Remember Obama.’”

McKinnon’s Warren perhaps saved her biggest jabs for the end of the sketch, where she went after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

In explaining her plan to pay for universal healthcare, McKinnon-as-Warren brought out a board and shared three points that read “cut military spending,” “Amazon creep” and “tax banks.” For the second point, she belittled Bezos and Amazon’s failure to pay any federal income taxes in 2018 by comparing fees tied to the e-commerce giant’s Prime membership plan to taxes in perhaps the most simplistic and condescending way possible.

“Mr. Bezos, the government is a little like Amazon Prime: you reap the benefits, you gotta pay an annual fee,” she said. “That’s called taxes.”

“Unlike you, we can’t just take it out of your debit card without warning,” she added.

McKinnon’s Warren finished off by saying she hoped to “convince J.P. Morgan to operate like a nonprofit” as a way to increase their taxes.

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