Last night’s Saturday Night Live featured their own version of Easter, which showed former president Donald Trump attending Jesus’s Last Supper.

Poking fun at Trump’s recent indictment, SNL’s opening sketch featured Jesus, played by Mikey Day, gathering his apostles for an important conversation before being overshadowed by their unexpected guest.

“One of you will betray me,” Day said as Jesus. “And though I have committed no crime, I will be arrested, tried and found guilty,” Jesus continued before Judas, played by Molly Kearney, responded in disbelief “What?” as the other apostles gasped.



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“Sound familiar?” Trump, played by James Austin Johnson, said interjecting the dinner. “A famous, wonderful man arrested for no reason at all. Folks if you haven’t put it together, I’m comparing myself to Jesus again,” Johnson said. “As we speak, I am being persecuted on a level the likes of which the world has never seen, even worse than the late, great Jesus.”

SNL’s Trump then went on to compare himself to Jesus, saying “You know a lot of people say we’re very similar. We’re both very tall, very popular, and both frankly white Americans.”

Johnson then went on to equate Trump’s relationship with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to Judas’s betrayal of Jesus. “I’ve even got my very own Judas,” Trump Claimed. “Ron DeSantis came to me, tears in his eyes, he said, ‘Help me, Mr. Trump, I’m going to lose my election.’ So I very generously pretended to like him, and then he did a Judas, and now he can’t even get the gays out of Disney World.”

Johnson’s Trump then went on to acknowledge Jesus as “quite a guy” but that he is even better because he is a “self-made billionaire” while Jesus was “let’s call it what it is, a nepo baby.” “I mean, his dad was God: It’s pretty easy to start a religion when your dad is God,” Johnson jokingly said as Trump.

Referring to the Easter holiday, Good Friday, and Trump’s famous quote, Johnson said “Why not make it great? With me, we’ll be doing Great Friday, perhaps even TGI Fridays.”

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