In the cold open of Saturday Night Live, Chuck Todd (Kyle Mooney) interviewed prominent GOP congressional members on what it would take to stop supporting President Donald Trump.

Todd interview his guest in a mock version of Meet The Press, which included Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Beck Bennett), Sen. Susan Collins (Cecily Strong), and Lindsey Graham (Kate McKinnon).

Todd started off by asking if they still support Trump after he escalated a trade war with China that is estimated to “cost the country $1.4 trillion in market value.”

These GOP members have all opposed tariffs before in the past, McConnell famously said he wasn’t a fan of them. Yet, Bennett’s McConnell simply says, “There’s a simple answer to that, there was no collusion.”

Todd turns to Graham and asks her after opposing tariffs for decades why does she suddenly support Trump’s tariffs.

McKinnon’s Graham says she trust Trump calling him a financial genius and a “business Jesus.” “This man has lost 100 times more money than I have ever made,” said Graham.

Todd then asks Sen. Collins, how she feels that Trump can unilaterally do whatever he wants.

Strong’s parody of Collins is presented as a person who is constantly dismayed by what Trump is doing, but fails to do anything to thwart him.

“Chuck, I’ll be the first to admit that some of the things this administration is doing make me want to shake my head vigorously, and wag my finger once — perhaps twice,” said Strong’s Collins.

Todd who is at a loss, asks the GOP members a series of hypothetical scenarios that will make them lose their support for Trump. He list scenarios like Robert Mueller testifying before congress, the status of Trump’s religious affiliation, and what if he divorces Melania to be with Stormy Daniels or Kathy Griffin. And the responses get even crazier.


“A goofy redhead? I get it,” said Bennett’s McConnell.

Todd then asks what if the president publicly revealed your phone number to thousands of strangers, a references the incident where Trump publicly revealed Graham’s phone number, which resulted in her receiving death threats.

“Well now, Chuck, I do have to disqualify myself. Because back in 2015, the president actually did that to me,” said Graham.

And Todd replies, “Yeah, I know. I was just seeing if you remember.” He then asks her what she would do if Trump slapped her across the face. Graham’s response, “Harder, Daddy.”

To see the full video, check below.

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