Saturday Night Live‘s Cecily Strong took some time to visit Seth Myers on his late night show to discuss meeting the presidential candidates and their families.


After doing an impression of Donald Trump‘s wife she admitted she was nervous for Melania Trump to appear on the show.

“I was a little nervous to see if she’d like it,” Strong said. “We had the host dinner that night, and she walked in. She saw me at the table and pointed at me. I found out through the dinner that she does approve of it so I’m okay.”

“That’s good, because a lot of times when a Trump points at you they just come and get you and drag you away,” Meyers replied.

The comedian also went on to explain how her interaction with Bernie Sanders went:

“We were all so geekily excited that he was gonna be there, and we all kept trying to make jokes that were all bad and lame,” Strong said. “I think Taran [Killam] was like, ‘Are you going to the afterparty?’ or something, and he was like ‘No, I’m going to New Hampshire!’ We were all just falling over ourselves in front of him.”

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