A snake coiled itself around the rim of a toilet in a Texas Starbucks, frightening a customer who went to use the facilities during his coffee run.

Bruce Ahlswede, the San Antonio man who made the unfortunate discovery, immediately exited the bathroom to alert the store manager of the snake in the toilet, reported CNN affiliate KSAT. “I thought it was fake at first,” Ahlswede admitted on Facebook. “Then it started to move.” When he returned to the bathroom, the snake slithered itself into the bowl, ultimately disappearing into the bathroom’s plumbing.

Ahlswede’s wife, Michele Ahlswede, was also present for the surprise snake appearance. She’d been among the party that accompanied her husband back into the bathroom to take a look, and managed to snap a picture. “It had to have crawled up the pipes,” Michele wrote on Facebook. “I have heard of it happening but have never seen it in person. It's a python; guess he likes coffee also.”

Although alarming, experts claim that the snake’s presence in the toilet bowl isn’t all that surprising – or dangerous. Believed to be a Texas rat snake (not a python), the amphibious reptile is non-poisonous and frequently manages to wend its way into plumbing systems.

– Chelsea Regan

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