Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor and WWE NXT wrestler Baron Corbin have been feuding over the last few weeks on Twitter punching at each other with Internet jabs. Things got heated when the two saw each other face-to-face this past weekend at Aftershock Festival.

Corey Taylor Punches Baron Corbin In The Face

During the festival in Sacramento, Calif., Slipknot was set to headline the festival on Saturday but Taylor was already at the festival the day before to take in some live wrestling matches. It did not take long for Taylor and Corbin to cross paths when Corbin was facing fellow WWE NXT wrestler Samoa Joe. Corbin took the opportunity to immediately spot Taylor and start a fight with the singer. After Corbin said, “Slipknot ain’t nobody in my house” and pushed Taylor’s shoulder, Taylor came swinging back with a punch that hit Corbin right in the face and startled him to fall backwards.

Samoa Joe went on to win the match as well and thanked Taylor with a finger pointed to him as he walked out of the ring.

Slipknot released their latest album .5: The Gray Chapter this year where it peaked at #1 on the Billboard charts.

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