Slash confirmed in an interview with the Swedish outlet Aftonbladet TV that after years of resentment and animosity he and Axl Rose have reconciled their differences.


During his tour in Europe last month, Slash stated that he and Rose had put the past behind them. “It was probably way overdue, you know, but uh, it’s, it’s, you know, it’s very cool at this point … dispel some of that negative stuff that was going on for so long.”

When pushed to answer if Guns N’ Roses might ever perform again in the future, Slash brushed off the question. “Alright, let’s get off the subject ’cause, you know, that’s an old one.”

Rose, who in 2009 stated in a Spinner interview that Slash was a “cancer,” has not commented.

Slash left the Guns N’ Roses in 1996. Rose remains the only original member of the band.

Slash performed in South African in 2013 with the rock band Kings of Chaos and recently released a new song, “Beneath the Savage Sun,” as a tribute to the plight of the endangered elephant.