The British artist Skinshape is premiering some great new music in the form of “High Tide Storm Rising,” a lush and soothing instrumental track along with a perfectly-conceived video showing handheld shots of gorgeous landscapes and moments in nature – exclusively on uInterview today.

Skinshape, the name for the solo act of musician Will Dorey, is the project he conceived after departing from the indie rock band Palace in 2017. Dorey has honed his skills as a producer and mixer to a fine point on Palace, Skinshape albums and for several artists with the reggae record label Horus Records.

“High Tide Storm Rising” pulls from jazz influences with some soothing horns and a warm foundation of keyboard chords. It’s repetitive, but only enough to be catchy and hypnotizing while incorporating just enough musical texture as it goes on to keep you intrigued while staying simple and elegant.

The visuals are just as low-key but beautiful as the music. Seemingly filmed on a handheld camera while on a trip on a beautiful seaside cliff, the director gets some incredible scenery shots you’ll have to see to believe. Some highlights were funny shots around a sheep farm as they stare back at the camera, and a gorgeous shot of our musician walking on a path between two fields of bright yellow flowers.

Dorey told uInterview, “This song is simple and the idea is that of a main theme song for a movie,” and noted that the song was written for years, but it only felt complete after his friend Jon Moody contributed music for the song’s strings and horn.

We even see Dorey exploring the area occasionally, and the whole mood that the video and song establish make you really want to get lost with him. This video and song remind you of how easy it is to find beauty in the small and wondrous parts of the natural world, and you should give “High Tide Storm Rising” a listen if you like ambient instrumental music and want something new to try out.

Here’s the video for “High Tide Storm Rising.” This is one of the lead singles of Skinshape’s new album Nostalgia.

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