Recently single and needing a new hobby after announcing his retirement from the NFL, for good this time, Tom Brady turned to Instagram to post a total thirst trap.

On February 6, Brady went on Brady Brand‘s Instagram to showcase a brown, tight-fitting pair of boxer briefs while lounging on a rumpled bed. His legs were open towards the camera with a strategically placed hand over his privates.


The background of the picture was an idyllic scene of a palm tree and a bright blue ocean.

The uncharacteristic post seemed to be in response to his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen‘s recent posts of her in a bikini lounging beach-side. The two split in October 2022 and have since been on good terms when it comes to co-parenting their three kids.

Whether it was a calculated move against his ex-wife or purely to promote his brand, fans can still appreciate the post.

Brady has recently been volunteering at an animal shelter with his kids.

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