The Tony-winning actress and singer Laura Benanti revealed she suffered a miscarriage while on stage during a performance.

Benanti shared her loss in a heartfelt Instagram post, “On Monday April 3rd, I performed on stage for 2000 people while having a miscarriage. I knew it was happening. It started slowly the night before. If it had been our first loss, or even our second, I likely wouldn’t have been able to go on. But unfortunately, I am not a stranger to the pain and emptiness of losing a pregnancy. It is a path I have walked before, hand in hand with my husband. But this time we walked it alongside some of the kindest, most loving humans I will ever have the honor to share space with. Thank you to everyone in that audience for the grace your presence allowed. For lifting me out of my grief for that Holy hour. Thank you to my band for holding me, unconditionally, in your hearts, and to the crew for working so hard to make me as comfortable as possible.”

Benanti has a previous pregnancy lost back in 2015 after she wrote a post for the Huffington Post about the stigma around women talking about miscarriage.

The singer continued to thank her band, audience, and producers. As well as her in-laws who have protected her eldest daughter from what is going on and given her time to heal.


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“Thank you to my remarkable Mother-in-law and Father-in-law for shielding Ella from the reality of this experience and giving her the time of her life while “Mama’s back hurt”… Thank you to that little soul for choosing me as your home, even for a short time… Patrick and I are so grateful for the family that we have, and the miracle of our two little girls. One carried by me and one carried by an angel-on-earth… My husband and I are heartbroken but we will move through this together as we, and so many others, have done before.

She ended the heartfelt message with, “I share all of this, not to garner sympathy or attention, but to remind the many people and families who have and will suffer in this way that there is no shame in this kind of loss. That you are not alone. And to remind myself as well. My hand in yours, Laura.”

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