A new website shows Sinbad’s recovery process after he suffered a major stroke in 2020. 

The comedian’s family shared a picture of him standing upright, using a walker to move with some assistance. The family said his healing progress has been “nothing short of remarkable.” 

“Limbs that were said to be ‘dead’ are coming alive and he’s taking the steps necessary to learn to walk again,” they wrote on a website dedicated to documenting Sinbad’s recovery.

The stroke was a result of a blood clot that moved from his heart to his brain. In October 2020, doctors performed multiple surgeries and a craniotomy to reduce swelling in his brain. Sinbad was put in a medically induced coma and regained consciousness weeks later. 

According to the website, Sinbad has been in intense therapy for many months and started to make “considerable progress” in May 2021 after being admitted to the California Rehabilitation Institute.

“I am not done,” the 66-year-old said in the online statement. “I will not stop fighting until I can walk across the stage again.” 

His family set up the website “as an avenue for those who would like to lend their support.” They asked for donations to aid in the costs of his therapy.

Fans expressed their support on social media and rallied around the cause to support his progress. 

One account tweeted that the proceeds of a limited edition collectible Sinbad action figure would go toward his recovery. 

Others recalled the positive impact Sinbad had made on their lives. 

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