The Simpsons mocked Donald Trump‘s first 100 days in office on their episode this week.


The long-running Fox comedy show predicted that Trump would become president in a show that aired 16 years ago. Now that that has come true, the show moved on to mocking the president in his first 100 days. The writers also took on Sean Spicer and all the White House infighting.

“We are not that predictive,” said writer Mike Reiss. “Trump is just one of those special cases: 16 years ago we were thinking, ‘What’s the dumbest thing America could do?’ and then they did it!'”

One of the scenes show Trump in bed tweeting, sitting among piles of books such as The Little Book of Big BombsKilling a Good Thing (by Bill O’Reilly of course), and Florida on 810 Million Dollars A Day.

They continued one joke from the past, with Trump’s hair actually being a dog curled up on his head. And this time they’ve added a tear-wiping mechanism. The show also saw Ivanka Trump being sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice, and using her power to sell more of her merchandise. As Marge is flustered by it all, Homer tells her not to worry – Give the President of the United States some time – he’s only 70 years old!”

Watch a preview below.

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