Shridhar Chillal has achieved his dream of making the Guinness Book of World Records with his long fingernails.

Shridhar Chillal Has World’s Longest Fingernails

Chillal, who has been growing his fingernails since the 50s, has officially been recognized as the person with the world’s longest fingernails after they were recently measured at 30-feet-long. His feat will be noted in the Guinness World Records 2016 edition.

Chillal stopped cutting his fingernails at age 14, hoping that one day he’d beat the Guinness World Record. Along his way to the record, Chillal struggled in his family life, work life and love life.

“First our family members opposed, then teachers were opposed but I decided from that point on that I would never cut my nails again,” he said. “Initially, difficulties appeared everywhere in my daily life. My family really didn’t like it, no one would wash my clothes and I had to wash them by hand. Finding a job was also difficult, as no one was ready to employ me.”

“If the girl agreed to marry, her parents would say I would strangle their daughter’s neck and refuse,” he added. “If the parents agreed, the girl would say she would not marry such a dirty person.”

Eventually, Chillal’s family reconciled with his ambition, he got married and got employment as a photographer, holding the job until his retirement in 1995.

Now in his 70s and with a spot in the Guinness World Records history books locked down, Chillal is ready to cut his lengthy nails – which are growing brittle in old age – and offer them to a museum.

“I had achieved the biggest goal in my life,” he said. “I can tell everyone now with pride about my record. When I am on my travels, people will recognize me as a Guinness World Records title holder.”

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