On Sunday, the first episode of the comedy series Moonbase 8 premiered on Showtime. The first six episodes of the series are directed by Jonathan Krisel, who also serves as a writer and executive producer for the show. Moonbase 8 stars Fred Armisen, John C. Reilly and Tim Heidecker (all of whom serve as writers and executive producers behind the scenes) as three below average astronauts taking part in several training simulation located in Winslow, Arizona in hopes of becoming part of the crew that is selected to be stationed at NASA’s first ever Moon Base when the construction of it is complete.

Despite the fact that Moonbase 8 has a very talented cast and crew behind it, critics and audiences were less than warm to the first episode of the show. Many people complained that the setup of focusing on three idiots who attempt to outshine their more competent rivals is overdone and brings nothing new to the table in the context of the show. NPR’s Glen Weldon wrote, “The series is mocking self-satisfied idiots like these three. And it’s doing so in a way that, I have to admit, is meticulously observed. The problem, which turns out to be a big, deal-killing one for me at least, is this: People exactly like these these guys are everywhere in the real world. They are inescapable, they are powerful, and they are emotionally draining. So hanging out with three more of them — even for only six half-hour episodes on my TV — is just no fun at all.”

Despite the negative reception, some critics are willing to give Moonbase 8 the benefit of the doubt. In an article for IndieWire, Ben Travers states that the series still has time to grow and is more than able to find its footing eventually.

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